SurgiLance™ Safety Lancet Testimonials

Here are but a few of the many wonderful comments, feedback and supportive testimonials that we've received about SurgiLance™ safety lancets...

medipurpose-surgilance-testimonial"In 2013, we switched all of our patients doing home INR testing through over to the SurgiLance SLN170 28-gauge safety lancet and couldn’t be happier!

Our patients often struggled with other lancets that required twisting the cap off and pressing a lever to active the lancet. With the pressure-activated SurgiLance safety lancets, they simple pull the cap straight off and press the lancet against their finger to engage.

Since switching to SurgiLance, we have had no complaints from our patients about their lancets, and lancet misfires are non-existent. Thank you for helping to increase our patient satisfaction!"

Kevin Fischer
Business Manager

Advanced Cardio Services

Carlsbad, California

"As a sales rep I love your product. Easy to use and never has misfires. It really is the easiest lancet on the market."

Todd Fredericks
Sales Representative
Titan Medical Supply LLC
Glasgow, Kentucky

"I received the samples a few days after I spoke with you on the phone. I trialled them with my patient and she was independent using them. She was thrilled to be able to test her own blood sugar and is now one step closer to being discharged back into the community.

Thank you so much for your help and for getting the samples to me so quickly. I have been praising your company to other staff members here! Thanks again for your help!"

Kim G.
Northeast Center for Special Care
Lake Katrine, New York

"From the very start of my using Surgilance™ safety lancets, I found your product to be very satisfactory. It was not only convenient—as opposed to using a device provided by Liberty, the company from whom I get my diabetic supplies—but it was quick and reliable and a product I definitely want to continue using for my ongoing condition.

Again, I thank you for your generosity and hope that your company continues to be successful and provides many more diabetics with your product."

Diabetes Patient
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"I had a diabetes test done at Wal-Mart and the nurse used the SurgiLance™ safety lancet to stick me. I could not believe the difference between the SurgiLance and the lancets I have been using...I have always dreaded sticking myself. Thank you again for this product."

Diabetes Patient

 "I have only one hand and the SurgiLance™ safety lancet is the only product I have used or attempted to use that is ideal for one-handed use. It is perfect for people who share my problem or even people with arthritis."

Diabetes Patient
Isle of Palms, South Carolina

"Not only did we find cost savings by switching to the Surgilance™ product, our nursing staff finds them easy to use and patients seem to experience less pain. We were also able to consolidate our junior lancet and adult lancet to one product."

Hospital Director of Materials Management
Urbana, Illinois

"The fact that the SurgiLance™ safety lancet is pre-armed is a blessing for both the elderly and the younger patient… The single-use needle that is retracted into the housing prevents accidental sticks, and will reduce the spread of infectious diseases."

Registered Medical Assistant
Hendersonville, Tennessee

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