About MediPurpose™

Our Mission

MediPurpose™ provides innovative healthcare solutions which are valued by its customers and partners.

Our History

In January 1999, builder and global entrepreneur Patrick Yi founded a company called SurgiLance™. A decade later, the company had become MediPurpose, one of the top five leaders in the highly competitive U.S. safety lancet market. Building upon its success within the safety lancet market, MediPurpose has created a solid master distributor network and a proven methodology for taking medical innovations from concept to commercialization.

Begun in Singapore following the invention of a superior safety lancet, the company grew quickly, with sales topping $1 million by 2001. By the end of 2002, SurgiLance had established a comprehensive network of major national and regional medical device distributors for all the healthcare segments in the U.S. – acute care, alternate care and long-term care. Sales had tripled to $3 million.

Noting this achievement, Frost and Sullivan awarded its Distribution Leadership Award to the company in 2003. In addition, the SurgiLance Safety Lancet was selected by the Veteran’s Administration (VA) as the exclusive lancet for use in all their hospitals.

Success in the U.S. market led the company to expand globally. At the end of 2003, MediPurpose established an office in London. Once the company received its CE and ISO 9000 certifications, growth accelerated. MediPurpose signed a contract with the U.K.’s National Health Service in 2004. The company signed a distribution agreement with Smiths Medical in 2008 as exclusive distributor for the hospital and pharmacy markets in Europe.

MediPurpose also began contracting with other companies seeking a proven distribution network. Leveraging its existing relationships with distributors and GPOs, MediPurpose became a medical device master distributor. In 2005, ITC appointed MediPurpose as its semi-exclusive U.S. distributor for the Tenderfoot device.

In 2006, the company changed its name from SurgiLance to MediPurpose to reflect its new direction: geographical expansion beyond the U.S. and a more diverse product portfolio.

As MediPurpose’s reputation grew, medical device innovators as well as established organizations approached the company for advice and assistance. In response, MediPurpose established a Medical Device Innovation Division to assist others in achieving the same level of success.





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